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We are a web design company from Oradea with a young, enthusiastic and talented team. We firmly believe that a chain is as strong as it is its weakest link. Because of this, our team of experts take part all the time in specialized trainings, to offer you the best service possible.

Why should you choose the services of our web design company?

What differentiates us from other web design companies? In the first place our attitude. To our company, web design is not just a business, web design it's a passion. We are the advocates of the work well done and we don't accept compromises regarding quality. Since our foundation (2003) we are a company in constant growth. We are perfectionists regarding the web design services we provide.

Since we are a web design company, we consider communication a very important aspect in the relations with our clients. Therefore we can guarantee you maximum satisfaction. We try to understand your purpose and objectives, so that the web design project becomes a truly profitable investment for you.

Our main type of web design projects are:

  • company presentation web pages
  • product catalogues
  • online web shops


Your success is also our success!

Our strong points are:

  • Customer oriented attitude

Emerigos web design studio became known due to our care and finesse in which our team treats every clients. A happy client is the most important objective for us. So we try to offer web design services of excellent quality.

  • Perfectionism

In 3 words – perfectionism without compromise. This best describes our way of thinking, the way we complete a web design project and the way we will approach you.

  • Success oriented thinking

Your success is our success! A happy client means motivation for us and also is the best reference we could get.

  • Ongoing development

The ongoing development has 2 sides. On one side it's important the development of our web services and on the other side is our own development. For this purpose we constantly participate in trainings and specialized conferences.

In other words we are a customer oriented web design company.
For this matter you have to personally convince yourself,
by using with confidence our web design services.
EMERiGOS – Your web design company.



We invite you to express your opinion about our web design company in our guest book.

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