Why do we need a website?

The internet has developed very much in the recent years and has become a integrated part of the day to day life. A lot of people use the internet as the main source for information, because it's much faster and contains a lot of information.

A website provides your company with a more professional image and an identity that help you differentiate yourself and stand out. The little details cam make a difference, besides the fact that you can present a complete and detailed offer for your services and products.

Does it matter how the website looks as long as it is working?

It's very important the appearance of your website, because the visitors associates the quality of your products and services by the quality of the design. The first impression of a client or a potential client depends on the website's design, being interested to find out more by the ease of use and the attractiveness of the website.

Why should I create a website, when my company works just fine?

You need a website because it provides an extra point in credibility for your business and it provides you new clients, that use the internet to find information, before the methods that you use right now to promote your business.

A website is needed when the business goes well to consolidate it and also when it doesn't go as well or has reached a plateau, to revitalize it.

There is also the image aspect. A company that has a website proves that it's preoccupied with its image and is up to date with the new ways of presenting a company.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website greatly depends on the complexity, design and quantity of information that will be included and the difficulty in creating it.

We consider every client special and that's why we create personalized offers, to meet your needs the best way we can.

How long does it take to complete the website?

The time to complete a website depends as the price by the complexity and quantity of information that needs to be processed and included. When the contract will be signed there will be settled a deadline that we will keep.

Can the website content be modified at a later time?

The website with an administration module can be modified anytime by the client. The sites without an administration page that are hosted by us, our company will make small changes that you need from time to time for free. For more complex modifications (introducing a higher volume of data, modifications that affect the pages functionality, extra chapter) will be signed an extra document to the contract.

What is a web hosting?

After your web page is ready, for it to be accessible by visitors it has to be posted on a server. Maintaining the website on the server is called hosting or web hosting.

Do you also offer web hosting for the sites that you create?

Yes, we also offer web hosting for the pages created by us. But we also offer web hosting for everybody that is looking for a quality hosting with ongoing support. We created several hosting packages, to better serve the needs of your website. See web hosting prices.

Do you do Search Engine Optimization on the website?

The web pages created by our company will be built with a structure that permits an easy and effective optimization. In case you request for us to optimize your web page for certain keywords, we will charge you the fee, only after we accomplish the goal of getting your site between the first 10 result displayed in Google on the first page. For more details about optimization see search engine optimization.

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